Jimmy is very proud to announce that he is now an artist endorser for Knaggs Guitars. Jimmy says, “My Knaggs gives me everything I could possibly need, both in the studio and onstage. Their craftsmanship is unparalleled; they are works of art, both visually and sonically. The tone palette is broad and deep; sort of like a sonic Swiss Army knife. This instrument inspires me every time I pick it up. I am honored and humbled to be in the company of such incredible artists on the Knaggs roster…it is a dream come true for me.”

Knaggs Guitars was founded in 2009 by world-renowned designer and luthier Joe Knaggs and marketer Peter Wolf. All designs/creations except Artist Signature models are named after Native American Indian river names in North America. Wood & Materials are carefully selected and all processes are state-of-the-art. A skilled team of experienced senior guitar builders are responsible for making sure that the end result is as good as it can possibly be: creating the finest instruments and providing the best tools for players and guitar aficionados. Everyone at Knaggs guitars is a highly skilled professional – together they have over 150 years of experience in creating extraordinary instruments.

Regarding the track “Knaggsian Drift” which Jimmy wrote and recorded on his new Knaggs, Jimmy said in his note to Joe Knaggs and Peter Wolf:

“Just a quick follow up – I wanted to share this track I just completed with you both; it’s the first thing I’ve done completely on my new Knaggs (except the bass & drums, of course). Inspiration is a funny thing, in both theory and practice. The moment I plugged this baby in and cranked her up, things just started happening, and the result is right here. Nothing gets in the way of what springs forth from this beast (even me). The bloom and the sustain – from crystalline clean to blistering scream – is full-bodied, pure and pristine. Wide open, it is a living thing, responsive and organic…even the overbends never drop out. What you have been able to conjure here from wood and wire is quite miraculous; you folks are modern-day musical alchemists. I’ll just call it ‘Magic’. What happened to me with this track and this guitar has never happened to me in quite this way. I’m not being patronizing here…this instrument is a leader in a field of one. I have several instruments that are near and dear to my heart, with a precious few extending back over several decades. None of them react to my touch the way this one does. How can you put a price on that which is priceless? You can’t. Suffice it to say I can never thank you enough. Truly. I hope you enjoy the track!”


Jimmy Ryan


Awesome instrumental guitar disc by this outstanding axemaster from Illinois featuring 21 tracks of excellent, powerful, dynamic, blues-based, heavy guitar rock riffage that stands tall and defines serious, world-class six string artistry. With the hefty 21 track musical display, the listener gets treated to a colossal array of high-octane, intelligent, killer riffage that lands cerebral = (Riffology).

Celebrating his lifetime as a guitarist, Jimmy Ryan has honed all his musical skills for many years in The Flyin’ Ryan Brothers, Truth Squad along with a multitude of other bands & recording projects. On his latest way-kool Grooveyard Records disc, “21st Century Riffology”, Mr. Ryan has landed masterful as an experienced guitar rock veteran displaying a myriad of superb, accomplished fretboard skills. Our good musical brother Jimmy Ryan delivers a mega-kick-ass performance with his super-sonic axework featuring “tightly focused, fully realized bursts of liberated guitar madness”.

Jimmy Ryan is a true, legit, old-school total guitar rocker who speaks volumes on the instrument complete with vast amounts of style & class; a modern day guitar slingin’ riffmaster supreme who definitely Keeps The Rock Alive on the impressive “21st Century Riffology” disc. This is an essential instrumental guitar rock musical document; a soundtrack of life that shines brightly and is all about the riffage that matters. Highly recommended to world-wide fans and lovers of top-shelf, classic and authentic heavy guitar rock music.

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Their beloved late mother, Virginia, was an amazing artist and pianist and their late father, Edward, was an accomplished vocalist. That sparked an interest in music at an early age, and Jimmy and Johnny were 14 and 12, respectively, when they got their first guitars. With no formal training on the instrument, they were both soon playing by ear, imitating songs they heard on the radio. By early 1971, Jimmy and Johnny were in their first bands and already trying to outdo each other. “Leave it to sibling rivalry,” Jimmy remembers. At the same time, they began to exchange licks and jam together, and quickly realized that they could arrange and play harmony leads together very naturally. “This was very exciting to both of us, because we were trying to be different, even back then,” says Johnny.

By 1973, the FM airwaves began to feature more progressive music, and that’s when it happened. “That’s when we first heard Wishbone Ash. It was like being struck by lightning. After hearing their stylistic approach and melodic interplay, we were both completely hooked, and felt that we had truly found our musical calling,” reflects Jimmy. Over the following months, Jimmy and Johnny began to really hone their styles and formed a band with some local musicians called Westfall. This was the band where they really began to develop their double lead style, modeled after Wishbone Ash. They played the local club scene relentlessly, and began to develop a “small, devoted and disturbed following” as Jimmy likes to say. During this period, they won every “Battle of the Bands” which they entered, gaining a solid regional reputation as a strong, tight rock outfit that featured the melodic interplay of their harmony lead guitars.

Gradually, as their reputation grew, things really began to take off. One of the highlights of the early days was their first studio session, where they recorded their first 2 original songs, “Everything I Could Ask For” and “Sunshine Daydream.” “We got some airplay on some local radio stations, which reinforced to us that we had the right stuff,” recalls Jimmy. “Hearing our own songs on the radio was the greatest feeling that we ever had, up to that point,” notes Johnny.

The Ryan Brothers continued to develop their dual lead guitar style in several other bands thru the ‘70s, most notably Axis, Nutcracker and Freeze. They opened up for many top national touring acts, including Kiss, Styx, Survivor, Head East, Mitch Ryder and The Beach Boys.

During the early ‘80s, the music scene was changing due to “Disco Fever” and so were Jimmy and Johnny. Burnt out and frustrated, they split up and began to work separately, pursuing session work with a number of local recording studios, as well as several other group and solo projects. John worked on designing and building “The Garage”, a recording studio in his home, as well as writing, producing and recording many of his original songs.

As time went on, both Jimmy and Johnny realized that what they had together was truly special. They both realized that whatever they did separately on their own just could not capture the magic of the “glory days” and the natural, melodic interplay between their guitars. It was during this period that The Flyin’ Ryan Brothers were really born.

During the remainder of the ’80s, Jimmy and Johnny continued to play out and write songs together, and, after winning the prestigious Budweiser “Battle of the Bands,” played in front of over 30,000 people at Wrigley Field in Chicago to great response. They’ve hosted many open jam nights over the years at local clubs; not only to play out themselves, but to also provide a forum for up-and-coming bands and players to get exposure and promote themselves.

In 1996, Jimmy and Johnny released their debut all-original recording project together, “Sibling Revelry”. The song “Struttin’” won the prestigious “Chicago’s Finest Fingers” Competition in 1996, putting them on the short list of renowned guitar slingers in the Windy City, fueling their reputation both regionally and nationally.

In 1999, their next two full-length projects, “Colorama” and “The Chaos Sampler” were released. Both CDs received very positive reviews in the music press both locally and nationally, building on the solid foundation and buzz created from the strength of their debut release.

The times were changing once again, but this time in a most positive way: the Internet came into existence. The Flyin’ Ryan Brothers started up their own website in January of 2000. Now Jimmy and Johnny could reach out to fans of harmony lead guitar all over the world. “The internet saved us,” says Johnny. “Without it, we could have never hoped for more than a regional awareness of our music.” Jimmy adds, “Through our networking, we’ve established contacts and expanded our fan base across the entire planet. One of the greatest things that ever happened to us was aligning ourselves with our mentors, the folks at Wishbone Ash.” Leon Tsilis, who handled the Wishbone Ash website and merchandising endeavors, became a rabid fan and supporter of the band after being sent the CDs by Johnny. “These projects really express the raw talent and diversity of The Flyin’ Ryan Brothers. These guys kick serious butt!” says Leon.

Jimmy and Johnny had the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to jam with the great Andy Powell and Wishbone Ash at 2001s “Ashcon At Sea.” Jimmy says, “Jamming with Andy and the band was one of the greatest highlights of our musical careers! Both Johnny and I can honestly say we would not be doing what we’re doing today if it wasn’t for Wishbone Ash, and for that we’ll always be grateful.” Johnny adds, “The band is still going strong after almost 50 years, and that’s incredible.”

In 2002, Jimmy and Johnny released “Legacy.” The album garnered 4 GRAMMY nominations! “It’s very rare for any independent release to ‘make the cut’ for the GRAMMY Awards, particularly in the composing and arranging fields,” notes Jimmy. “Even though we didn’t make it to the final ballot, we feel “Legacy” is still a winner.”

In 2004, a nationally released CD compilation “Guitars At An Exhibition Volume II” featured not one, but TWO of their tracks (“Stevie Dan” [Legacy] and “Trick Bag” [from Jimmy’s solo release Truth Squad / Superkiller”]).

2005 was a banner year: “Blue Marble” was released to critical praise, making several “Best Of” and “Top Ten” lists both regionally and nationally, and in keeping with the high standards established by their prior releases, earned 4 GRAMMY nominations once again! They were also profiled in the April 2006 edition of 20th Century Guitar magazine. Included on “Blue Marble” was their version of the Wishbone Ash classic “Blowin’ Free 2005” which also appeared on the international Wishbone Ash tribute CD, “Wishbone Ish.” Johnny says, “What a joy it was to honor our heroes with our version of one of their most famous tracks.” Jimmy adds, “We really made it our own, throwing in a few twists and turns that you might not expect from a remake.”

Carrying that momentum into 2006, the “Blue Marble” track “Baghdad” was one of the winners of Billboard’s Independent Music World Series 2006 (over 15,000 entries were submitted from over 80 countries). That track appeared on a nationally released compilation CD, and The Flyin’ Ryan Brothers were voted as one of “The Top 15 Acts From The Midwest” by Billboard magazine.

In 2007, The Flyin’ Ryan Brothers won a TELLY award for a soundtrack they had done which was commissioned by David Weekley at the University of Arkansas. Since then, they have worked on other soundtrack projects for promotional and industrial video releases as well as several short films from independent film makers.

“Totality” was released in 2008, once again nabbing a total of 9 GRAMMY nominations. It was their most musically diverse project to date, topping both critic and listener polls not only nationally but internationally as well, landing again on several “Best Of” and “Top Ten” lists as well as being profiled once again in the August 2008 issue of 20th Century Guitar magazine.

In 2009, the “Blue Marble” track “Gaza” appeared on “Guitar Masters Volume 2”, a nationally released compilation CD, which was compiled by BHP Music’s Brian Tarquin. Featuring a “Who’s Who” of world renowned guitar players (Carlos Santana, Jimmy Page, Yngwie Malmsteen, Steve Morse and B.B. King among others), The Flyin’ Ryan Brothers held the unique distinction of being the ONLY independent artist appearing on this release.

Fueled by the success of the Guitar Masters CD series, BHP Music slated a double CD release in 2010 (Guitar Masters Volumes 3 & 4), the theme being a dedication to the late, great Les Paul. Once again featuring some of the top guitarists on the planet (Jeff Beck, Steve Vai, Allan Holdsworth, Leslie West, Frank Gambale, Will Ray and Gary Hoey among others), Brian Tarquin contacted Jimmy and Johnny and commissioned them to write an extended double lead solo with tradeoffs for his composition, “Chopper Mania.” That incendiary track appears on Volume 3.

In 2012, “Under The Influence” was released, garnering 7 GRAMMY nominations. Paying homage to their musical influences, the release is a veritable cornucopia of styles, grooves and genre-twisting diversity. Johnny says, “It’s always been about the music, and this is without a doubt our most powerful and diverse project to date.” Jimmy adds, “Every song is a universe unto itself. Just give it a listen and enjoy the ride!”

Jimmy and Johnny teamed up with Brian Tarquin once again in 2014 with Brian Tarquin & Heavy Friends “Guitars For Wounded Warriors”, a release commemorating the sacrifices of our men and women in uniform. Joining the other “heavy friends” on this CD (Steve Morse, Billy Sheehan, Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal, Gary Hoey, Reb Beach and Chris Poland among others), Jimmy & Johnny contributed blazing solos on “Surgical Strike” and appeared in a feature article in Guitar Player magazine (January 2015) showcasing the release.

Also in 2015, Jimmy & Johnny’s pedalboards were prominently featured in “STOMP ON THIS – The Guitar Pedal Effects Guidebook” by Brian Tarquin. The book features in-depth descriptions and photographs of several of Jimmy & Johnny’s studio & live pedalboards along with detailed analysis and commentary from the brothers.

Since 2016, The Flyin’ Ryan Brothers officially ceased writing, recording and performing together, with both Jimmy and Johnny moving on to pursue their own musical visions separately. They leave behind a substantial musical legacy of considerable breadth and depth, diversity and sophistication.

May the lost art of double lead harmony guitar never die! The Flyin’ Ryan Brothers have done their part to insure that never happens.


Jimmy and Johnny have played guitar together for over 45 years and are considered one of the premier double harmony lead guitar teams in the world. They both started playing guitar in the late ‘60s, and music had always played a major role in their early family life.


Jimmy has dedicated himself to the artistry of guitar. He has been a creating music for over 45 years and shows no sign of losing his passion, ambition or desire to continually reinvent himself. His ability to adapt his creative spirit to a diverse range of projects is a key ingredient to his success.


Johnny is currently involved in both live and studio projects. He works exclusively with a local studio with various artists who need just the right guitar part for their song.


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